Saturday, 16 October 2010

The Mediumship Experience 28/29 October 2010

With Medium Donna Stewart and
Paranormal investigator/Broadcaster Frankie Hatton.

Springfields Event Centre Spalding/ The Dovehouse Theatre Solihull

In an evening unique of Its kind, Donna’s no nonsense style of
Mediumship and Frankie's sceptical questioning couple to make an intriguing demonstration of psychic experimentation and messages from loved ones where the audience can be involved. Experience, interact and discover through personal anecdotes, psychic experiments and questions,
concluding with a demonstration of Donna’s renowned ability of spirit communication that may help you to decide…are you a believer or sceptic?

Donna Stewart has appearances on television, radio. in theatre and Spiritualist organisations abroad and in the UK and
Works with some of the UK’s most respected mediums.
Frankie Hatton is a Broadcaster for television and radio.

Dates for 2010

28 October Springfields Events Centre Spalding 7.30pm Tickets £12
Ticketline 01780 489235

29 October Dovehouse Theatre Solihull 7.30pm Tickets £12
Tickets 0121 7067139

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Teaching in London

I think there is something very comforting about Autumn and the start of a new class or group. Perhaps it's the memories of being back at school and nostalgic simpler days, or maybe even the change of a season, shedding old leaves, making way for new energy and ideas.
Having just started an Autumn term with two brand new classes At Sue Allen's 'School Of Intuition and Healing I begin to feel the familiar excitement of students taking their first steps or even further steps in their development with enthusiasm and commitment! Every week on a Wednesday afternoon I will once again take the train to the big city and have a feast of exploration, experimentation and also fun with our friends in Spirit and a team of willing students!!

It can hardly be described as work can it :)?

Donna x

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Workshop 31 July 2010

A small number of places are nowavailable on this weekend’s workshop

Saturday 31st July – 'SPIRIT ARE PEOPLE TOO'

Spirit have personalities, emotions, memories and are still very much a part of our life. Strengthen your understanding, connection and clarity in your mediumship by bringing Spirit closer into your work and discovering their experience of connecting to us 10-4pm At a venue near Stamford, Lincs. £40.

To book please e-mail

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Blog Changes

Hi Friends,

The way we use the blog is changing to give you more information on Donna's upcoming diary/events as they are happening in addition to latest news and we hope you will continue to enjoy keeping in touch with Donna's work for Spirit. If you would like to be included in our mailing list please send your request via

Remember to check back regularly!

Warm Wishes,

Donna and Team x

Thursday, 3 June 2010

The Mediumship Experience 26 & 27th May

Hi Everyone,

It seems hard to believe that The Mediumship Experience was a week ago and time flies by so quickly!
This was a new project with my colleague/broadcaster Frankie Hatton and myself bringing a medium and sceptic to the stage in 2 theatre evenings where the audience could be involved, interact and experience for themselves the subject of psychic abilities that I believe lie within us all, and a connection to loved ones who have passed to the spirit world.
The aim of the shows was to bring a balanced view to what is often thought to be a controversial subject where believers, those who are unsure, and those who have no belief can come together, share in their experience and decide for themselves if it is simply the mind at work or something truly out of the known five senses.
Not only is Frankie a sceptic, but an interested one and his questioning was excellent in promoting thoughts and questions during the evenings with some interesting results.
We would like to thank all of those who volounteered to take part in the psychic experiments during the first half of the 2 evenings and also those who recieved messages from loved ones in the second half of each show.
We are now looking forward to The Mediumship Experience tour of the UK in the Autumn and hope to see you there. Dates will be posted on the diary page of my website.

Frankie and I can be heard exchanging views, talking paranormal and recieving feedback and questions from listeners every Thursday between 5 and 6pm UK time on 'Frankie Factor' BayFM radio Hope you can join us!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Looking back over the last week I realise how blessed I am, as ever, to work in so many different ways with Spirit.
With a mixture of evenings of mediumship, private readings, private tuition, workshops and a brand new 'slot' on BayFM radio which began on Thursday, I reflect back to my many years working as a trained Baker and Confectioner without a thought of ever becoming a Medium!
Life has an amazing way of taking unexpected paths, and being on the night shift in my small shop in Lincolnshire, putting finishing touches to wedding and celebration cakes, I could never have imagined how my life would change and will no doubt continue to do so.
Many of us find ourselves in a far distant place to where we imagined we would be at a certain time in our lives. Sometimes those changes can send us into unfamiliar territory which we resist because of uncertainty, and sometimes a sat nav for life's journey would seem a handy thing to have. We would all know what to expect and be prepared for change which would make the transition through life so much easier.
But would it?
The fabric of our very being is shaped by experience and how we grow and learn from it. Often I hear people say that although they did not realise why some events in life were happening at the time, the reasons so often later became clear for good reason, however traumatic, confusing or even joyous.
Nothing in life can ever stand still, even if we were to sit silently in a room for a day and do nothing the world will continue to change around us.
There are circumstances which we may have little or no control over but if we have the strength to embrace the unknown we may find ourselves on the most amazing journey of discovery of not only ourselves but of those around us.
If we find the courage to recognise that each second in time is perfect in it's existence, and that we cannot be in a wrong moment, then we are truly living life rather than simply existing within it.
Planning for the future is wise and gives us all a sense of security, but wisdom also comes from knowing that if we move to the rhythm of our own tune as it plays, the symphony then becomes a masterpiece!

Love Donna x

Friday, 2 April 2010

Easter Already??

It surely cannot be Easter? It was only Christmas 5 minutes ago! I often hear people say that the time seems to fly by so quickly these days and there are now theories to suggest that the earth is speeding up.
I wonder if it is just that we all live a faster pace of life with texts, instant messaging and the like as well as demands on our time.
I am often very focused on making plans for what happens next, how etc and I sometimes forget to simply live in and appreciate the moment, the now.
From experience I know that in looking ahead so much of the time I often reflect back on an event, a meeting with a friend or loved one and realise that I perhaps could have enjoyed it more if I had 'stopped to smell the roses on the way' so to speak.
So, I have a few days now without work over the Easter break and I know exactly how I will be spending that time - savouring every second of it with loved ones, and the diary is firmly locked away somewhere safe!
None of us know how long we have on our journey here and as the saying goes 'Enjoy the gift of today, which is why it is called the present....'

Have a wonderful, peaceful Easter everyone, one day at a time :) xx